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Patanapong Pongkaew Law Office

Our services

  • Consultation of the case And that throughout the kingdom In civil and commercial criminal cases,Tax cases, administrative cases, labor cases, environmental cases Intellectual Property and International Trade Cases Bankruptcy and Business Rehabilitation Case.Cooperative, Financial Institutions Litigation
  • Consulting, drafting contracts and preparing legal contracts
  • Registration and consultation on the establishment and management of juristic persons,Type of partnership, limited company, association, and foundation
  • Trade registration Request for work permit of the foreigner (work permit)
  • Get patents, copyrights and trademarks
  • Receive wills And manage a legacy
  • Investigate assets, seize assets, execute lawsuits and expedite liabilities
  • Bail for the accused of a criminal case
  • Receive as a project legal advisor Juristic person
  • Manage condominium juristic person, land allocation village

History and work experience

         Before the partnership Hug Law and Business Will be registered partnerships, the company has operated in the form of a law firm under the name "Yuttana Lawyer Office" has Mr. Yuttana or Pattanapong Phongkaew as the head of the office. Later changed the name of the office to "Pattanapong Pongkaew Law Office" by having a team with legal experience to jointly proceed with consultation and that both civil and commercial cases, criminal cases, bankruptcy cases and business reorganization, labor cases, cooperative cases, and opened a branch office used by Chiang Rai Province. Name "Patanapong-Songkiat Law Office", according to statistics of the amount of cases that the Patanapong Pongkaew Law Office in 2018-2019 has performed approximately as follows

Case type Number of cases
Civil and Commercial Litigation 112
Criminal Case 40
Bankruptcy and Business Rehabilitation Case 4
Labor cases 4
Cooperative Cases 5
Other cases 55
Total (excluding cases, consultations and notices) 220

Our team

The following are people that work together in the team.

Mr.Pattanapong Pongkeaw

the head officer

Miss Chutikan Boonkul

Office lawyer

Mr. Montree Samart

Office lawyer

Mrs. Aksorn Sinthuya

Legal Execution Officer and Expedited Debt

Office Location

211/1 Moo 3 Wiangyong, Muang, Lamphun 51000 E-mail : huglawandbussiness@gmail.com Telephone no. :053-563657    Mobile: 081-8828721 , 094-5219162

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